A wealthy looking white family told their kid not to sit next to me and the grandma didn't know where to sit until I assume her daughter told her to sit next to me and her face I swear to god she is incredibly uncomfortable lmfaoooo

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I'm gonna eat my waffle I think she's gonna have a heart attack

Y'all I got up a little quickly and she held her back so tight she got super startled lmfaooo

This poor old woman just keeps scowling at me Jesus Christ this is so funny what's something gay I can say or do that'll make her freak


Imagine having a studded black leather jacket and matching handbag and being Like This

Aight they left and I wished them a good afternoon and she looked me up and down and said a very empty thank you and goodbye followed by the rest of the family

@dragon I know it's unlikely, but if it was possible to offer her a Worthers Original then do that.

Otherwise spend an outrageous amount of time in your bag "picking what lipstick colour"

@cccam oh my god I have violet flavored sugarless candy I will gently tap her on the shoulder and offer one

@cccam she looked fucking outraged that I dared to touch her lmfao

@dragon If you leave before her you've got to make the most fabulous exit possible.

"Excuse me darlings, this is my stop" and "Toodles" (if that works in French) :P

@dragon Still do it, even though it's the last stop (assuming they're still on)

If they get off before, be really cheery. The happier you are, and the nicer you seem then the more assholish they'll sound to anyone they talk to about it.

"Yes, there was this really sweet girl who offered me a sweet and said to have a lovely day when we got off the train. Absolutely horrifying experience!"

@cccam I should add I have a neutral scowl generally haha I think she's just scared of my punk teen ass

@cccam actually I did a big smiled and she turned her head me so I smiled at her and she looked away SO FAST

Also I can't hear much but she's scared of the yellow vests from what I gather lmao

@boobs_idiot better yet I'll make an actual gay phone call in English

@thatgirllily they have to adorable kids and they do NOT want them corrupted lmfao

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