it's called WINE cause it's pretty cool but the people who get way into it are insufferable

oh you're a pc gamer? why don't you go ray trace yourself some pussy

@dragon i am not horny. horny is the mind-killer. horny is the little-death [and so on and so on and so on]

did you know? Lmao stands for Le' Epic 😎 Mao and is actually a tankie dog whistle

Pol, horny, meta 

The horny vs. not horny dichotomy is fake.

While you're busy discussing hornt vs. horn't, capitalism advances.

While you're bonking each other on the head, the state is getting stronger.

While you're sending your friends and comrades to horny jail, the military-industrial complex grows.

Horny and not horny have to join forces against our common enemy.

✨ positive affirmations✨

I am not horny

I have never been horny

Being horny is a punishable crime

If i or someone i know is horny i will contact the nearest authorities to report it

ebil monads tankies keep laughing at me for saying I'm doing my tenants a favor and the alternative is making them homeless. c'mon man

I hate that i desperately need therapy but also know how much psychology and psychiatry are bullshit and can make things worse

Mental health 

:ddg: why do I have all the symptoms of cptsd but don't remember anything traumatic happening to me

Genital mention gross 

Snowballs? Is that when you have dandruff in your pubes?

@dragon kill Twitter discourse, fuck tiktok, marry Tumblr

Fuck marry kill Twitter discourse Tumblr discourse TikTok discourse

ancient greece? i thought the travolta musical was only a couple decades old?

Thinking about these two admins that sent me angry emails requesting that I justify my suspension of their instances again. As if I was in obligation to federate with them unless I had valid reasons. And what about if I don't have one? What if I decided to just do it on a whim? What are they gonna do? Pull me down to fedi court of justice? Under who's law do I have to give my server's data to you and your posse of avid internet content consumers?

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