its.. extremely telling that the headlines about Barcelona are largely about football and not the actual fucking warzone the streets have been with the police brutalizing protesters

there is no war in ba sing se

Everybody's afraid of simulacra but nobody thinks about how we live in a society

re: Bread tube discourse 

Bread tube discourse 

@violet @dragon the future is here, and it's not only high-tech, but gay as hell

im no misandrist, i donate to the male cause of "3 in 1 hair body and face wash"

wtf im not heterophobic, i donate to the hetero rights charities of "Axe Body Spray" and "terrible beers"

Date idea: we get immersed together in a dream world that we can shape to our liking and create a magnificent environment together and then kiss in it

you know how sometimes you really need to pee but you dont wanna get up bost if u rlate

honestly if you're not a fan of antique whetstone restorations what are you even

re: Food, meat 

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!