Eeeep can't wait to tinker again and Frankenstein my way into a cool new system!! It'll be so much fun

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Oh wait!!! No nvidia means I can do Wayland too hell yeah how's KDE on Wayland progressed since last year?

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Gonna reinstall void to switch to musl and I'll try pipewire too while I'm at it ^•^ I remember hearing about it a lil while ago but not understanding what it was but now,,, hehe round 2

Transfems can pretend to be tops but the second a cutie busts out the "good girl" it's all over for us

sitting at the computer shitting my diaper all day; AND im getting paid the big bucks to do it!

all the sliding blackboards just keep sliding to reveal more blackboards. go deep enough and you'll find last lecture's notes, and the ones before them, and so on and so forth. eventually you find notes in dead languages, then in archaic alphabets, then in pictographs.

then a long zone of blankness.

then english, but with a strange affect and a few letters (or punctuation?) you don't recognize.

then static, rendered lovingly in chalk.

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If you're trans or nonbinary and intentionally use the wrong pronouns for people you dislike, congrats, you're fucking transphobic.
There is no difference between a trans and a cis person doing the misgendering, except maybe that it hurts even more coming from a fellow trans person, because you really ought to know better.

for the last time i am NOT "gaslighting my followers", what i AM doing is managing and auditing my brand and brand products

announcement, boobs, not lewd 

sex stuff 

sex stuff 

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sex stuff 

mom can i get internet ?
to achieve world peace through global interconnection and access to information?
actually gets hyperpolarisation of opinions and dopamine addiction like a boss
commercial social networks time

Sorry, we can't play, my mum said I'm not allowed around people who make no indication of their pronouns in their profile

being gay was just a phase, now I'm super gay

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!