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love 2 watch the apocalypse episode of supernatural where the significant apocalyptic things going on are a pandemic and country-wide riots

really tells you what they're scared of huh

I love mastodon cause all the really cutesy people are like UwU fuck cops the wevowution wiww come for you!! And they're awesome

this is how "white moderates" cease to exist

at this point, you have to choose a side.

there was never an excuse of innocence before but at this point, you can't even delude yourself into thinking there is

there will be no white moderates after this. only allies and enemies

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In a 'get an empty vivarium and tell people I have a pet chamelon' kind amood

when one hundred people have the same amount of buying power as billions, enshrining voting with your dollar as the most legitimate tactic is just explicitly turning power over to those hundred people

holy jebus anonymous just leaked the email addresses and passwords of every cop in minneapolis.

I fucking hate american greeting card culture so much

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Cornflakes were invented to stop masturbation.

Fun fact for you there.

hello. today is my birthday

you've seen the donation links being passed around already but if you'd like to do something to make me smile today please donate spare cash to...
reclaim the block (for community-led safety solutions)
Black visions MN (for Black liberation, healing + transformative justice)
minnesota freedom fund
the bail project

more/local bail fund links below.

can i get some boosts?

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