yeah im a marxist who believes in auteur theory. i just think the "ideas guy" should get all the credit, you know

my partner: "I'm just annoyed we have to pay money to put the Orwellian screens in our house... you think they'd at least be free"

Give us the fucking wedding cakes and weโ€™ll give you the swords, itโ€™s pretty simple

@dragon I wish i had this level of skill!

I just did some digging as the post I got the gifs from didn't source the artist, and is their site.

- a helpful part of characterization
- too rigid when used as written
- building game mechanics based off of them is doomed to failure
- can be expanded to arbitrarily large systems
- best when taken unseriously but honestly

pokemon mod where everything is exactly the same but splash has a 1/1000 chance to one-hit K.O. any opponent

re: misogyny 


VERY NSFW and absolutely abhorrent 

Gonna start using 'democrat' as a new fun gender neutral insult towards americans

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!