Ableism in college, homelessness 

Ableism in college, homelessness 

Ableism in college, homelessness 

i have the utmost respect for the straight community, and have long fought for straight rights. given this history, let me state that i understand the disappointment some have felt about my recent remarks that 'straight people never wash they ass' and 'cishet? i'd rather if they cishetn't', and how they could be construed as insensitive; and i wholeheartedly apologise for any offence they have caused. going forward, i want to reëxamine

Oh no, my feet are cold

If only there was a soft fuzzy creature to warm them

What ever will I do

@dragon @Lady because, wheeze, because next month we'll all have, gasp, 2020 vision, dies

people who act like you can only uwu ironically are going to be culled. have some fucking bravery and embrace your cringe, its 2019

incels talk about 'alpha males' in this way that implies they're the 'real men' and incels aren't, but incels 100% are real men. there is NOTHING more heterosexually-manly than entitlement, unreasoned aggression, talking about women like they're your mischievous left sock that keeps going missing just to piss you off, and causing your own problems by being stubbornly wrong despite everyone trying to help you

TL;DR: your appearance is not what makes you lonely. lots of badly-dressed dudes who aren't model-pretty meet women who find them charming. but the powerful murderer vibes you give off by being seethingly angry at every woman who is attractive to you without being attracted to you? that is DEFINITELY not gonna help you get a date

on ableism 

my cis friend: look, i want to understand why you'd be trans, but i don't think i get it

me, a genius: so like, imagine your fursona was a human girl

selfie, eye contact, :boost_ok: :flirts_ok: 

on the one hand, banjo kazooie nuts & bolts is a buggy mess with half-baked features and nothing to do with the franchise

on the other hand, you can abuse physics glitches to get powerful vehicle parts way, way earlier than you're meant to, build a ridiculously overpowered car with propellers and grenade launchers, call it the "trans rights enforcer", paint it in the colour of the trans flag, and decimate the AI's shitty early game cars in the few race levels that exist

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