metatrotsky, killed in every possible way by every possible icepick

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bicyclists love three things in this world
- women
- men
- cycling

maybe she's born with it

maybe she worked fucking hard for it, actually,

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Tossing the DSM-V at them saying "read em and weep" and giving them the page number

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maybe she's born with it

maybe it's actually a pretty common response to the kinds of things she's been through

How do I tell my dearest friends that they're autistic

Maybe she's born with it

Maybe its years of trauma and abuse

honestly the best argument that foss is leftist is that GNU Hurd started in 1990 and still hasn’t finished their OS

do not marry american woman. Philosophy Muse

if a tree falls in the forest, does philosophy muse hear it?

hit or miss, guess they never miss, huh. Philosophy Muse

im at the pizza hut, im at the taco bell. Philosophy Muse

my ideal workday is 4 hours of writing followed by 4 hours of confusion-induced delirium

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!