Just looking at my birthday and feeling dread ftw

Sometimes I ask myself what is going on in my brain - then I realise I do not really want to know.

I'm a bit annoyed right now about pinterest because it
a) is buggy and
b) so many pins are just crappy websites with crappy nonfitting descriptions trying to lure you on their website so your boards are full of this


*sigh* I just want to cuddle and watch movies today... :(

Cat cuddles in the morning make the best mornings

Not sure why I apparently marked it as sensitive... cat picture :)

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Me: has home office
Neighbour apparently has nothing to do and decides to redecorate his flat, including drilling holes and smashing things. .-.

In case anyone is interested in a discount code for AboutYou, applying if you order for more than 75 Euro.

BBC News - Climate change: The rich are to blame, international study finds


drawing a map in inkscape is actually not that easy if you want to make it as realistic as possible?

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hygiene • please wash your hands! 🧼 

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hygiene • Europe, I am disgusted with you 

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!